14 Dec 2021

Isobel Lundie’s Magical Christmas with McDonalds!

Our fantastic Plum Isobel Lundie is bringing her illustration magic to McDonalds’ new Happy Meal book, Sam and Sparky’s Incredible Christmas! 

Sam and Sparky’s Incredible Christmas is a fun picture book (with fun activates and stickers inside!) that will be included as an option in Happy Meals this year at McDonald’s, as a tie-in to their Christmas advert ‘Imaginary Iggy’. The advert follows little girl Matilda and her imaginary friend Iggy- but as Matilda grows up she doesn’t need Iggy anymore, and she forgets about him…until a little bit of Christmas magic jogs her memory.

Sam and Sparky's Incredible ChristmasIsobel brings the magic of Sparky to life in her illustrations, drawing Sparky in a different style to the other characters and scenes: Sparky’s scribbly hand drawn style elvates the magical whimsy of his character, and looks like he’s come straight from a child’s mind! Isobel creates a world full on wonder, using her classic illustration style for Sam and the scenes set in reality, contrasted with using her fun hand-drawn scribbled style for Sparky and all the places the duo visit in their imagination.

Keep an eye out at your local McDonald’s, Sam and Sparky might just sneak into your Happy Meal ready to take you on a magical imagination adventure!

McDonalds Xmas AdSam and Sparky’s Incredible Christmas, written by Sarah Hawkins and illustrated by Isobel, tells the story of another child and their imaginary friend: little boy Sam and his imaginary friend Sparky go on a make-believe adventure using their imagination, and show the reader how using your imagination can bring magic to not just Christmastime, but all year round! 

Sam and Sparky spreadsSam and Sparky spread 2

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