Sayani Mukherjee

Sayani is an Indian children’s book illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. She adores cuteness and colours in her surroundings and passionate to recreate those, through her illustrations. Sayani enjoys exploring different illustration styles, full of textures filled with small details.


Sayani’s work is inspired by cute characters blended with dramatic expressions, and each of her illustrations narrates a story. She loves to create a whimsical and magical world inspired by nature, wildlife, and childhood memories. In her illustration, she enjoys capturing the fun, energy and emotion of everyday life and she loves depicting heartfelt and intricate child emotions that showcase an array of culture and diversity.  

She spends most of her time illustrating on her iPad using Procreate experimenting with different styles. She has a soft spot for textures and small details that help to immerse the readers into the scene. With an ever-evolving creative spirit, Sayani continues to explore new avenues in children's book illustration and looks forward to inspiring young readers worldwide.

When she is not drawing, she enjoys her spare time listening to music with her husband and spending time with her growing plant collections which are always an inspiration for her artwork.