Nora Racz

Nora is a children’s book illustrator originally from Hungary, now living in Gloucestershire, UK, where she enjoys being close to and getting inspired by the beautiful countryside. Much of her work is influenced by childhood memories, her love of nature and whimsical fantasy stories.


Soon after graduating with a Master of Liberal Arts degree she began her journey of becoming an illustrator. She dabbled a bit in animation, took character design courses, and finally fell in love with the magic of children’s book illustration.   

She enjoys bringing playful, wholesome scenes and sweet, expressive characters to life with her drawings. One of her favourite things about preparing for an illustration project is doing research, and getting lost in discovering something new. This curiosity and childlike wonder are often reflected in her work. 

In her free time, Nora enjoys nature walks, bird watching, trying new crafts, reading, gaming and watching fun tv series. Although more often than not you can find her at her desk daydreaming while sipping her umpteenth cup of tea.