Laia Arriols

Hello! My name is Laia Arriols. I live in a town near Barcelona with my two girls Joana and Martina. I'm illustrator, photography lover and graphic design fan. I also love to listen to music, watch tv series and read illustrated children's books.


The birth of my daughters reconnected with my own childhood and also with creative expression, an aspect in a kind of hibernation state until then. In 2008 I started Apanona, a personal project that wanted to aim through illustration and photography and graphic design, the great source of inspiration and creativity that evokes me childhood. The project has evolved since then and now it’s 100% focused in illustration.

I'm a self taught illustrator and I use digital techniques in 99% of my work. I love typography, colors, textures, silhouettes and style of 60's and 80's: two radically different decades! I get inspired by my everyday life: family, friends, music, art, movies, cartoons and children's world in general. I mix it all up and I try to transmit “childhood emotions” through my illustrations: happiness, discovering, magical, funny, tenderness...

Oh, in case you're wondering what does “Apanona” means: Apanona is how my elder daughter said "butterfly" (“papallona” in Catalan) when she was two. I found this name very sweet to create things around a child's world.