Julio Antonio Blasco

My name is Julio Antonio Blasco, also known as Mr. López. With a degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, I have been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for more than 15 years.

Represented by:lucy@theplumagency.com

My work moves between illustration, painting, design and collage; a back and forth between the different fields of creativity to create images resulting from the mixture of several disciplines: a collage of techniques, materials, proposals and methods. I am passionate, committed and very responsible. I have worked as an illustrator of children's, youth and adult books, in graphic design, exhibition design, audiovisual and advertising.

In another line of work, teaching, I have given lectures, workshops and specialization modules in illustration at design schools such as the European Institute of Design (IED) in Barcelona, at the School of Art and Technology (ESAT) in Valencia, at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia through its Congress of Illustration, at the School of Art and Design (EASD) in Alcoy and Castellón, and in different spaces in Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona.

I like drawing, painting and creating... I love dreaming, nature, plants, leaves and flowers. I like to be at home, I like Christmas trees and I love blinking lights. I love interesting proposals, throwing myself headlong into new challenges and adapting to the client's needs... and besides, I have the pleasure of being the owner of a little corner of beauty in my city, in Valencia, Spain, the bookshop and gallery specialised in Illustration Estudio 64.

Represented by:lucy@theplumagency.com