Janet Cheeseman

Hi I’m Janet (known to pals as Janfran Cheeseman!) I like to think I’m an expressive, imaginative illustrator with a passion for lively characters.

Represented by:lucy@theplumagency.com

I have always loved the freedom of drawing, as a toddler I was known to use the walls when I'd run out of paper, much to my parents dismay! Now as an adult (of a sort!) I spend most of my time playing the doodle game (turning a scribble into art) with kids of all ages and running comic clubs in an East London School.

I adore sketching up and inventing lively characters with a real sense of joy and movement. My heroes are Tony Ross, Quentin and the retro style of Ludwig Bemelmans. I love the challenge of bringing other people’s visions, as well as my own ideas, to life on a page. 

I live and work in East London with my bubbly creative daughter; she inspires so many of my drawings and ideas with her sparky personality. I often work from our studio shed, with the radio on and a packet of wotsits in a nostalgic attempt to recreate the A-level Art experience! I love chunky pencils, ink, rich colour and experimenting with paint and photoshop techniques for collage and a retro feel. 

Represented by:lucy@theplumagency.com