Joseph Namara Hollis

Joseph Namara Hollis is an author-illustrator from Nottingham with a passion for picture books. Graduating from Cambridge School of Art in 2018 with an MA in Children’s Book Illustration, Joseph has won the Klaus Flugge Prize 2022, V&A Student Illustrator of the Year, and has been highly commended in the Macmillan Prize for Children’s Picture Book Illustration.


His illustration process combines pen and ink drawings with strong graphic colours and an array of textures, inspired by print but more often compiled and coloured digitally.

Joseph is fascinated by creating alternative worlds teeming full of intrigue, action and mischief. Whether through character or narrative, he aspires to create work with warmth and affection that reflects our human quirks and idiosyncrasies and that ultimately spreads a sense of well-being.

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