Ian Smith

I was born and raised in Penkridge, a little village in the West Midlands. While growing up I spent much of my time playing in the mud with my plastic dinosaurs, reading about dinosaurs or chasing my little sisters while pretending to be a dinosaur. I quite like dinosaurs.

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But even more than dinosaurs I loved to draw. Give me a box on crayons and I was happy for hours, in fact some of my best work has been in crayon on my mum's walls! And I've always know that I wanted to be an artist (or a dinosaur).

When I got a bit older and the house had run out of walls for me to scribble on I moved to Bristol to study for my BA in Illustration at the University of the West of England. Since then I've continued to draw and write funny stories, creating characters like the ones that had fired my imagination as a child, and before I knew it I'd turned into an illustrator (and not a dinosaur after all).

Represented by:becky@theplumagency.com
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