Marta Costa

Hello, my name is Marta. I grew up in a village near Barcelona in a family of very talented artists.


I studied Graphic Design and worked as a designer for 17 years until I decided to follow my passions, so I completed a degree in illustration and had my first commission in 2008! I started my career illustrating educational books (those used in schools) and after doing a lot of them, I got my chance to work on picture books!

Although I usually illustrate stories by brilliant authors, I have dared to write my own stories on four occasions and have been lucky enough to see them published. I love to illustrate picture books that have a touch of humour and friendliness, in which I can show the different moods, feelings and emotions of the characters... and if the main characters are animals, that's all I can ask for!  In recent years I have specialised in board books for babies and toddlers, although I am still very happy to accept picture book commissions when I get the chance! I have worked for publishers in Spain, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Korea and the USA.

When I am not drawing, you can find me dancing country music, having tea with my friends, swimming or gardening. I love that I have been able to turn my passion into my job and I hope to continue drawing until I am a lovely old grandma!