Esther van den Berg

Born and raised in a village I spend a happy childhood reading books, building huts and drawing the things that surrounded me.


My love for creating things got me into Art School in the picturesque city of Kampen, where I'd also spend my high school years. After graduation I somehow ended up in the bustling city of Amsterdam, where I now happily live with my boyfriend, our wonderful daughter and our slightly psychocrazy cat.

As an illustrator I like pixels as much as I like paint. I'm inspired by both mediums, often resulting in digital work with a handpainted feel. When I'm not working on my Mac you'll probably find me in my little printmaking studio getting my hands dirty. I like to draw animals and humans alike and especially love how they sometimes resemble each other in all their quircky ways. We’re all funny creatures after all. 

Over the next few years I’d like to further develop my illustration skills and maybe also combine it with my own writing. In the meantime I’ll go on reading the books I love, see lots of art, dance to great tunes and enjoy the ride!