Anna Shepeta

Hello! My name is Anna Shepeta and I am also known as Halber Mensch on social media. I have been painting my whole life.


I am an incorrigible workaholic and have already managed to try a lot: I painted with oil and acrylic, painted with watercolors, tried my hand at designing fabrics, but ultimately came to book illustration and the creation of artistic ceramics and now I'm extremely happy. The style of illustrations began to be developed when I discovered traditional materials (mainly gouache + colored pencils), I learned to style characters and work with color.

But when I switched to digital, the growth process went noticeably faster. I kept the texture of traditional materials and the atmosphere in my digital illustrations, but the number of details and the size of the canvas increased. Cute and cozy illustrations are for me. Most of all I like to draw illustrations for some holidays or a certain season of the year, when it is very important to catch the mood and color, I think it works out especially well for me.

I am also good at portraying strong female characters and the fighting spirit! Due to the inexplicable love for Scandinavia, I often paint the northern nature and architecture, but no less I like to create magic and draw something fabulous and warm.